“How To STOP Your Hair Loss
Even If Everything Else You’ve
Tried Has Failed!”

How To Regrow Hair

Can you remember the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror… and felt good about your hair?

If you’re like most guys… you’re probably NOT happy with what hair loss is doing to your looks… your self-image… or your sex appeal…

But that’s about to change… because in the next 10 minutes, I’m going to show you a simple way to regrow your hair… NATURALLY.

I’m Mike Stevens,

You and I have never met… but if you’re reading this… you’re looking for a way to STOP losing your hair…

You’ve probably already tried some things that didn’t work…

And you’ve been disappointed by hair loss treatments that made big promises… but in the end… left you facing the harsh realities of hair loss… the same as before.

I know what that feels like.  I’ve been there…

But now, I’m proud to say… I have grown so much of my own hair back…and I did it naturally…

“Go From Nearly Bald…
To Almost A Full Head Of Hair!”


Hey, I know this sounds hard to believe… but I grew my hair back, and you can, too.

Here’s how I did it…

I really want to tell you my turnaround story… because it’s definitely NOT the common story that you hear.

No, I’m NOT one of those guys who went on the Internet, read lots of articles, and found some priceless “hidden secret” of how to regrow hair or stop hair loss…

I’m sure you already know that’s just BULL

I was a medical writer and health educator and one very sobering day… my doctor informed me that I had an incurable, life-threatening medical condition… that there wasn’t even a real treatment for…

My Prognosis? “Expect to feel crappy for a few more years… then it’ll most likely kill ya.”   Well, those weren’t my doctor’s exact words… but you get the idea.

So, I came home from the hospital and started looking for alternative therapies like my LIFE depended on it! Because literally… It Did…

I dug deep into everything I could get my hands on about the immune system…biochemistry naturopathic medicinemedicinal herbsmetabolic detoxificationacupuncture… and Chinese herbal remedies.

It took a few years… and lots of help from natural health practitioners such as naturopaths, herbalists, and acupuncturists…

But in the end, long story short… I fully recovered…

Of course, my Western doctors prefer to say I’m “in remission”. But whatever you call it… here’s how it helped me figure out how to get my hair back…

You see, a funny thing happened while I was fighting for my life doing alternative therapies… and stimulating and detoxing different internal organs and systems in my body…

My hair… that had been balding for years… had suddenly… Started Growing Back!

5 Simple Steps
To Grow Your Hair Back…

Now, I wish I could say… all my hair grew back after that… and I lived happily ever after… but that’s NOT exactly what happened.

My hair WAS growing again, and it had stopped falling out… so I was thrilled about that.

But the new hair wasn’t exactly growing like normal… It was extremely thin and very short. It would only grow about an eight of an inch long… and then it just wouldn’t budge.

I needed to figure out… what part of what I was doing for my health condition, was making my hair grow back… and if there was anything else I could do to make my hair grow faster, thicker, and longer.

So I started researching everything I could about hair follicles… the scalp… the blood supply to the scalp… DHT… nutrition… the internal organs that impact hair growth… and how to regrow hair for men.

As I learned more about how hair grows, what hair is made of, and what feeds hair… it became fairly clear to me why some of the things I’d been doing for my health problem, was making my hair grow back.

I could also see that there were a few other simple things I could be doing specifically for my hair, scalp, and follicles… that MIGHT cause my hair to grow even better.

And when I added those extra steps to my daily health routine…. MAN, things got really exciting!

  • Within weeks I had so much new hair growth… I could scarcely believe it!
  • Within 6 months, I had very respectable coverage in areas that had been completely bald before.

Want To Stop Being Slapped By The
Harsh Reality Of Hair Loss?

Back in 2007… I decided to sit down and spell-out my entire method in a step-by-step guide
so people fighting hair loss anywhere in the world could learn how to regrow hair naturally.

I call this method… STOP Thinning Hair!
How To Regrow Hair

Since its release, men and women all over the world have learned how to make their hair STOP falling out… and START growing again.

And I believe I can help you do the exact same thing… no matter how hopeless it may seem right now.

Because I’m going to show you exactly how to use this powerful, 12-minute, 5-step method
that I’ve spent almost a decade testing and perfecting.

So, stick with me and keep reading… because this could…

Change your life!

Not only am I going to show you how to get your hair to stop falling out,

But if you’ve been losing your hair for LESS than 10 years… I’m going to show you how
to get almost ALL of your very own hair to grow back… naturally…

WITHOUT drugs or surgery.

Now, I know that’s a pretty big promise!

And I wouldn’t say this unless I was 100% certain…

of what this natural approach to hair loss Can Do!

In fact, I’m willing to go out on a limb even farther…

Even if you’ve had consistent hair loss for 10-15 years… you can STILL expect A WHOLE LOT of your hair to grow back using this simple, natural, hair regrowth method.

But I have to be completely up-front with you…

How To Regrow Hair

Grow Your Hair Back

If you’ve been losing your hair for MORE than 20 years… you probably won’t be able to get your hair to grow back fully…

BUT… this method can still stimulate many, many of your dormant     hair follicles to start growing hair again… even after 20 years of hair loss.

So, if you’re in your 50s, 60s, or 70s… there’s still hope for you, too.

Fortunately… even partial regrowth of your hair… can have a huge positive impact on your looks… and on your self-image.

Regrow Your Hair Naturally…
No Empty Promises Here

Okay… you’ve been fooled by bold promises before… you’ve gotten your hopes up… invested your time and money… yet, here you are… STILL losing your hair…

Why should you believe this is any different?… How can you be sure this isn’t just another scam?

Well, first… I’ve been successfully making my natural hair regrowth method available online since 2007. If this were a scam … there’s No Way I’d still be here.

Just go online and google, Stop Thinning Hair, Mike Stevens, or thinninghairremedy.info… you won’t find a single complaint, rip-off report, or scam report out there.

And after 7 years, if my product didn’t work… you KNOW there’d be lots of people posting about it on the Internet.

Secondly, the methods I use are based on a real understanding of human biology, biochemistry, and the principles of natural and holistic health…

To recover from an incurable, life-threatening disease… I spent years consulting with naturopaths, herbalists and Chinese medicine practitioners… and some of the same natural health practitioners helped me when I set out to find a sensible, effective, natural approach to regrow my hair.

I figured… if these guys can help save my life… they might also know a thing or two about how to save my hair… and they did…

But unlike many of the other hair loss guides out there, my method is NOT based on nonsense… OR veiled attempts to get you to buy expensive, and marginally effective hair loss products.

Finally, I assume ALL of the Risk… by providing my Clients with a No Questions Asked, 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So, if you feel I haven’t made good on my promises… you simply get your money back, and you Lose Nothing.

10 Reasons You MUST
Get Started Right Now!

Regrow Hair Naturally
You already know…hair loss is progressive… that means the longer you wait, the more hair you lose… and the harder it is to get it back… but you can get started today… and learn the surprisingly easy steps… to naturally repair your damaged follicles… and get your hair growing again.

Stop Thinning Hair is a natural method to regrow thinning hair that’s entirely safe, and remarkably inexpensive. Here’s what you’ll discover when you download this amazing Guide:

  • How to quickly revive dormant hair follicles… BEFORE they’re reabsorbed by the body and can never produce hair again.
  • A cheap, natural product that will instantly block DHT and keep it from starving your follicles to death.
  • How to easily clear the 100s of clogged scalp pores that are blocking your hair growth.
  • How an inexpensive household item can quickly remove the hidden bacteria and follicle mites on your scalp that interfere with hair growth.
  • The most effective and inexpensive hair growth herb on the planet… I call it my “Lethal Weapon”… against hair loss! Take this in combination with Saw Palmetto, and the results will blow you away…
  • A simple acupressure point that improves blood and lymph flow to your scalp, increasing nutrients to your follicles and removing stagnant cellular waste.
  • A little known way to brush your scalp that almost forces hair to grow.
  • How to dramatically increase blood circulation to your scalp, flooding your follicles with an extra boost of oxygen to speed up hair growth.
  • An effective and clear-cut plan of how to stop losing hair… and how to regrow hair, naturally.
  • And so much more…

Will You Take The Easy Way…
OR… The Hard Way?

How To Regrow Hair
If you want to reclaim your
sex appeal… and be able to finally recognize the guy in the mirror again…

My easy, 5-step program is truly, the simple, effective, lazy man’s way to make your hair grow back.

But if you’re still not convinced… let’s compare it to some of the other hair loss treatment options out there. Take a look at some of the Hard Ways of dealing with hair loss…

Hair Transplant

This method is costlypainful… and time consuming… Before you even THINK about getting a hair transplant, here are some things you ought to know:

First, it’ll cost you over ten THOUSAND dollars!

how-to-regrow-hair-arrow-greyThen, there’s the little matter of having a big piece of your SCALP cut from the back of your head.

how-to-regrow-hair-arrow-greyAnd of course, there’s weeks of recovery time during which, the skin on your head is scaling and flaking… which is kind of embarrassing… and definitely NOT pretty.

how-to-regrow-hair-arrow-greyThen there’s bleeding from the donor site, and lost plugs if you strain or exercise.

how-to-regrow-hair-arrow-greyAnd there’s the PERMANENT scarring on your scalp that may not be easy to hide.

arrow-greyPlus, let’s not forget, it’ll be about 6 months before the new graphs actually begin to grow hair.

arrow-greyAnd after all of that… how often is the final result… well, not quite up to your expectations?

how-to-regrow-hair-arrow-greyWhat’s worse is, it could take more than one transplant to get your hair anywhere near normal thickness. So ultimately, you’ll have to go back again and again, and each time will cost you a bucket load of cash!

Hair Systems or Toupees

Well, some of these may be acceptable as temporary measures – but even a half decent “hair system” is going to cost you more than a thousand dollars…

which doesn’t include all the maintenance fees you’ll pay to keep it looking and fitting properly. Besides, a hair system is really NOT your own hair… and you simply can’t ignore that fact.

Over the Counter Hair Loss Drugs

Over the counter treatments from brand name hair restorers, will cost you somewhere between $40 and $70 a month –

And frankly, those methods produce very little results for most men. So, expect to shell out between $240 to $400 over a six month span for products that have been clinically proven to work for only a small percentage of men. But who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the few lucky ones…

Or… STOP Thinning Hair

But by now I’m sure you’re wondering… HOW MUCH?

Well… it’s a darn sight less than any of those other options we’ve just talked about…

And when you consider the time and money I invested to develop and test the STOP Thinning Hair method…

I think I COULD reasonably charge $59 (and I’m sure people would pay that)… But I really want to make my hair regrowth treatment guide accessible to EVERYONE

So, I decided on a SIMPLE one time payment of just $39.

Think of that – just $39 - to finally begin the process of regrowing your hair and getting back your sex appeal… with no risk and no harmful long term side effects.

The best part is, you’ll get your instant download in just a minute or two from now, so you can start changing your life right away!



Here’s my Personal Guarantee to you. Download and use my natural method for regrowing hair for up to 60-Days and if you are not satisfied for ANY reason… I will immediately refund your money, no questions asked. My goal is to remove ALL the risk and make it EASY for you to give my Program a try.


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So go ahead and hit the button now:

Make Hair Grow Back


If you’ve read this far and you haven’t jumped on this, there’s something you may not realize.

Right now, this very moment, you are standing at a crossroad. There are two paths to choose from, and the decision you make right here will affect every single day of your life… it will affect your looks… it will affect your hairline…and it will affect how you feel about yourself.

In one direction you’ll forget you ever saw this page, and continue losing your hair– and continue to NOT feel too good about that.

On that path, you’ll most likely end up completely bald, if you’re not already, and eventually you’ll spend a small fortune on hair restorer lotions, potions and creams that simply don’t work.

OR… You can choose the other direction…

how-to-regrow-hair the one where you jump on this life changing offer right now…

how-to-regrow-hair and right away things start to change for you.

From today on, you’ll have a clear-cut plan of how you’re going to stop your thinning hair. And once you get started with this program, you’ll see the kind of progress you’ve hoped for – because you’ll see the first tiny new hairs begin sprouting from your scalp just weeks from now.

Soon, there’ll be no more worrying about your looks… or what other people think about your hairline… or any of that emotional baggage that comes with balding…

…instead you’ll be regrowing your hair and finally taking control of your hair loss.

Do it right now. Hit the button below, and claim the future you deserve.


I’ll see you in the Members Area.


Mike Stevens

P.S. Don’t forget, I’ve got you covered with a great guarantee that removes ALL the risk. Bottom line, if you’re not happy with STOP Thinning Hair, you’ll get every penny back with no arguments – and you’ll even get to keep the guide. And if you download your copy in the next 20 minutes, I’ll even extend your Money-Back Guarantee… for an Entire Year!

P.P.S. One more thing – wouldn’t you like to be the guy who surprises everybody by growing most, or all of his hair back? Then hit the button and make it happen right now.