How To Stop Losing Hair

hair regrowth treatment How To Stop Losing Hair

Losing Your Hair Can Be Scary

There’s no question about it, losing hair can be frustrating and nerve wracking… Over time, seeing lost hairs in your comb… or watching your hair disappear down the shower drain can really undermine your confidence. And can even make you wonder what your friends, co-workers, and intimate partners think of you now?

Do women still find you attractive? Have you lost your sex appeal? When you meet new people do they see you as the balding guy… or as the guy who WOULD be attractive “if only” he had more hair?

Put An End To The Desperation!

how to stop hair loss 240x158 How To Stop Losing HairMost people really hate the feelings of insecurity, doubt, and helplessness that comes with losing hair. Perhaps you’re beginning to fret and worry over how you look, and wonder if it’s obvious to others that your hair is thinning. Or you hope that combing your hair this way and that– will help cover those balding spots that just keep getting bigger and bigger.

If hair loss is becoming a dark cloud that follows you around… here’s what you need to know… there is absolutely something you can do about your thinning hair. And the information in this article may be able to help.

But What’s Causing My Hair Loss?

To answer that question, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is see your doctor or health care provider to rule out some of the other common causes of hair loss. These can include undiagnosed thyroid conditions (especially in women), mercury toxicity brought on by the mercury in your dental fillings. Yes, mercury fillings can make you sick… and can even contribute to hair loss.

Candida overgrowth or systemic yeast infection can cause hair loss (yes, men can get systemic yeast infections). Conditions such as Lupus, extreme or prolonged stress, or surgery… could all be factors that contribute to losing hair. Certain high blood pressure medicines can also contribute to hair loss. Even cigarette smoking can play a significant role in losing hair.

So you see, there are many things you can investigate that could be at the root of your hair loss. But if none of those situations are going on for you, that’s great news! That means all you have to contend with are the typical hormone-related issues associated with male pattern baldness. And for that, there are many natural things you can do.

Simple Steps To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

1. First, clean up your scalp with a simple household product you probably already have in your kitchen (olive oil). This can have a huge impact on hair health and can slow the loss of hair. There are also a couple of other common household items that can more effectively clear scalp pores and remove the embedded sebum that retards hair growth.

2. Take inexpensive mineral supplements daily that can help wake up your dormant hair follicles.
One mineral duo you’ll want to investigate is copper and molybdenum. These essential minerals not only improve your hair but also significantly improves the elasticity of your skin and of your blood vessels.

3. Do a simple, 10 second acupressure technique once or twice a day to dramatically increase blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles.

4. Super-Oxygenate your blood with an herbal drink that costs pennies… so your hair follicles will receive a boost of oxygen-rich blood daily.

5. Reduce the use of blow dryers and leave-in hair products. Instead use a simple hair care routine that will clean your scalp, nourish your follicles, and remove DHT (the “follicle killing” testosterone byproduct the body produces). This hair care routine takes only minutes per day and costs peanuts compared to what you’re most likely paying for your regular shampoo and conditioner.

6. Your liver is the primary organ responsible for removing DHT out of your body. An inexpensive herb called Milk Thistle can strengthen and cleanse the liver, allowing the liver to do a much better job of removing toxins from your body. A great deal of scientific research has been done that confirms Milk Thistle’s amazing ability to improve, repair, and protect the liver.

So, if you’re “NOT Okay” with the idea of losing your hair… there are 100 % natural, effective, and affordable options that you should consider. And these natural remedies for hair loss won’t require painful surgery or harsh pharmaceutical drugs.

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